Unfinished Solid Wood Flooring

Unfinished solid flooring is simply the raw material in its natural state after it has been machined into planks. The wood has been made into planks of flooring but has not had any essential protective layers of oil or lacquer added yet.  All types of hardwood flooring need to have protective top coats applied to prevent damage from daily wear and tear, so this will need to be done once the flooring has been installed.  The beauty of unfinished flooring is that you are able to achieve a unique look by choosing colour stains and types of finishes that will complement you room and match the design of your interior.

For more information on finishing your floor, see our blog article on How to treat and unfinished FloorOnce your Oak flooring is installed and has been finished with protective layers of oil or lacquer, you will need to ensure you care for and maintain it correctly.  See our Wood Floor Maintenance and Care Guide.


Why should I choose unfinished flooring?

Choosing an unfinished floor is perfect if you want a truly unique floor that you can match up to exiting furniture and décor.  The beauty of an unfinished floor is that you can add colour stains and your particular choice of finish once it has been installed.  Have a look at our article: The Benefits of Unfinished Flooring.


Do you sell matching flooring accessories?

We do sell a wide range of solid wooden flooring accessories to either match or complement your flooring choice.  The range of flooring profiles includes, skirting, beading, thresholds, stair nosing, pipe covers, door bars and door stops.

We also stock a full range of cleaning and maintenance products that have been specifically designed for hardwood floors.  They will help you to look after your new hardwood floor.  For further advice and tips on cleaning and caring for your floor, read our Top 10 Cleaning Tips for Hardwood Floors.


Are there any alternatives available?

Unfinished solid wood flooring is a fantastic choice of you are looking for something that you can add your own finishing touches to, in terms of colour stain and type of finish.  However, if you would prefer a floor that has already been prefinished, then have a look at some of our other solid wood floors or engineered wood floors.

The links below will help you to find our most popular types of solid and engineered flooring:

Solid Oak Flooring | Parquet Solid Wood Flooring | Engineered Oak Flooring | Engineered Walnut Flooring | Engineered Parquet Block Flooring 


Further help and advice

If you would like any more information about any of the our floors or flooring related products please contact our sales office or come into our showroom to have a look at the wide range of different floors that we have on display.  Alternatively, if you would like to order any free samples of our floors, visit our sample page now.


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