15mm Engineered Wood Flooring

15mm engineered wood flooring is made from a top layer of real wood and base layers of other strengths and types of wood.  The top layer (wear layer) of 15mm engineered wood flooring usually varies in thickness from 3mm to 4mm.  This is the part of the flooring that you will see once it has been installed, so it is important that you choose a species of wood and style of flooring that suits the room.  The base layers underneath have been bonded together in such a way, with adhesive and extreme pressure, that they give the planks of flooring dimensional stability.  This stability allows the flooring to be used in versatile ways, such as with underfloor heating and loose laid over an underlay.

The total thickness of the plank of flooring will be 15mm. The wear layer (solid wood on the top of the planks of flooring) is usually 3mm or 4mm with this thickness of flooring, so as an example, if you have 15mm thick flooring with a 4mm wear layer then the remaining 11mm is made up from the base layers of different wood.

With 15mm thick engineered wood flooring you have the choice of either the traditional tongue and grove profile or the more modern and popular click fitting system. 


Why should I choose 15mm thick engineered flooring?   

Choosing 15mm engineered hardwood flooring is ideal if you are using underfloor heating.  The thickness of the plank is perfect to allow the natural transfer of heat from your underfloor heating system, and will ensure that your room is kept at the correct temperature.

This particular type of flooring is very popular as has the natural beauty of solid wood flooring but also has the extensive benefits and advantages of being engineered.  Engineered wood flooring is much more durable and stable, meaning that it can be used in more versatile ways.  If you want to find out more about engineered hardwood flooring, read our blog article: Advantages of Engineered Wood Flooring.

Within this range of flooring you have a choice of wood species for the wear layer of and also a choice of different finishes which will help to define how the surface of the flooring will look once it has been installed.  15mm engineered hardwood is also available in both tongue and groove and a click fitting system. This is the thickest plank size you will find with the click system as it is only available on flooring with a thickness of 15mm or less.


How do I maintain 15mm engineered hardwood flooring?

It is fairly straight forward to look after your 15mm engineered hardwood flooring by following a simple cleaning routine of daily sweeping followed by a weekly clean with a wooden floor cleaning product.  Have a look at our extensive range of cleaning products which have been specially designed for all types of hardwood floors.

To keep your floor looking shiny and new and to avoid unwanted dents and scratches then read our Wood Floor Care and Maintenance Guide.


Are there any alternatives available?

Yes, we have a range of engineered wood flooring in different thicknesses.

Here are some links to other thicknesses of engineered wood flooring:

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Further help and advice

For any further technical help and advice or help about our floors, flooring products or installation methods then either contact us or pop into our showroom where we have all of our floors on display and will be happy to help.  If you would like to have a look at samples of any of the ranges or thicknesses of flooring you have been looking at then visit our sample page to order your free samples today.


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