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Top Ten Cleaning Tips for Hardwood Floors

Here's our Top Ten tips for cleaning and maintaining your hardwood floor.

Top Ten Cleaning Tips for Hardwood Floors - feature

1. Sweep on a daily basis

A hardwood floor can accumulate dust and dirt relatively quickly, so to keep it looking clean and fresh sweep on a daily basis using a soft bristle brush. This will also help to prevent scratches from occurring from any dirt on the floor being walked on.

2. Clean on a weekly basis

To maintain the lustre and brightness of your new hardwood floor, clean on a weekly basis with a PH neutral wood floor cleaning spray and microfibre mop. This will remove any build-up of dirt and give an instant burst of freshness to your flooring.

How to clean my wooden floor - microfibre cloth Bona Wood Floor Spray Mop

3. Wipe away spills or water accidents

Hardwood floors can be easily damaged by water so it is vital that any water spills or accidents are wiped away immediately. Liquid should not be allowed to sit on hardwood flooring for any amount of time, as it may cause irreparable damage.

4. Place doormats at entry doors

Another way to prevent damage to your hardwood floor is to place doormats at entry doors. This will allow people to wipe away any dirt or moisture from their footwear before walking on your wooden floor.

Top Ten Cleaning Tips for Hardwood Floors - door mats

5. Remove footwear

Ideally, footwear should be removed altogether before walking on a hardwood floor. This will prevent any dirt or water being brought onto the floor. Shoes and footwear should be left in a porch or garage, not on the wooden floor.

6. Apply anti-scratch felt pads to furniture

It is a good idea to apply anti-scratch felt pads to the bottom of furniture that comes into contact with your wooden floor. This will help to reduce scratches and dents when furniture is moved around the room.

How to look after wooden flooring - furniture pads Anti-scratch furniture pads. Image: jamiltonupholstery.co.uk

7. Do not drag heavy objects across the floor

Sharp or heavy objects can damage or scratch a wooden floor if they are dragged across it. Items such as stiletto heels, children’s toys and furniture should be lifted and moved, rather than dragged.

8. Do not use a steam mop

A steam mop should never be used on your hardwood floor as the steam will penetrate the wood and can cause the flooring planks to warp and distort. A regular damp mop with clean water can be used, but the mop must be wrung out completely as excess water can also cause damage.

9. Do not use furniture polish or wax

Oils, wax or furniture polish should never be used to clean your hardwood floor as they will leave a slippery residue. A PH neutral wood floor cleaner is the ideal product as it will ensure the floor is clean without any residue or streaks.

10. Do not use abrasive products

Abrasive products, acidic products or products that contain ammonia should never be used to clean your hardwood floor. They can cause irreparable damage and scratches to the flooring. Always use products that are designed specifically for hardwood flooring.

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