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There are two different profile types of engineered wood flooring: ‘tongue and groove’ and ‘click’.  The most traditional profile type is tongue and groove, where each plank of flooring has one long side and one short side with a protruding tongue and one long side and one short side with a rebated groove.  These tongues and grooves fit seamlessly together for a tight and secure fit. 

Alternatively you could decide upon the more simple and straightforward click fitting system, where the planks of flooring have interlocking joints on the edge to provide and secure fit without the need for glue or nails. Both profile types will provide durable, flawless and gap free flooring which can last for decades if looked after correctly.


Which flooring profile type should I choose?

The type of flooring that you choose is really down to personal preference and how and where it is going to be installed. Click fitting flooring is becoming more and more popular with home renovators and DIYers as it can be fitted more easily than Tongue and Groove flooring as no glue is needed.  Another advantage of click fitting flooring is that it can be removed with minimal damage, whereas tongue and groove flooring is usually fixed into position and would become damaged if it were to be removed. Of course, whichever style of flooring you choose, if you opt for engineered wood, flooring you get a much more durable floor and have the option of being able to use underfloor heating.  

If you are still unsure of which style of flooring to choose, have a look at our Wood Flooring Guide, which offers more information.

Have a look at our blog article: Tongue and Groove Vs Click System for more advice on which profile type is best suited to you.


How do I install the different profile types?

Engineered wood flooring is much more versatile in the way that it can be fitted, due to its dimensional strength and stability. Your choice of installation method usually depends upon the existing subfloor in your property, the amount of footfall the area is likely to get, and personal preference.

With a tongue and groove fitting profile you can decide to either float your hardwood floor over an underlay (by gluing the tongues and grooves together), or fix it directly down to the subfloor with adhesive or nails. 

With a click fitting profile, the usual method of installation is to float it over an underlay by simply clicking and locking the joints together but it can also be glued down if necessary. For further information about fitting any of our hardwood floors, please read our Installation & Fitting Guide.


Do you sell matching flooring accessories?

Yes, we stock a wide range of hardwood flooring accessories in Oak, Walnut, MDF and aluminium so you should be able to find something to complement and accompany your choice of flooring.  We also have a fantastic range of cleaning products and accessories which can help you to look after your hardwood floor once it has been installed. For tips and advice keeping your hardwood floor looking its best read our Wood Floor Maintenance and Care Guide.


Are there any alternatives available?

Yes, we have over 200 different types of flooring so there is sure to be something to suit your requirements.  If engineered hardwood flooring is not quite what you are looking for then why not have a look at our range of solid wood flooring or laminate flooring.


Further help and advice

If you are still unsure about which particular type of flooring to choose and would like to see some samples in the comfort of your own home, then order your free samples today.  If you would like any technical advice about which flooring might be best for your property, then please contact us or come along to our showroom where we have over 200 floors on display and will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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