Wood Floor Maintenance & Care Guide


Understanding how to look after your hardwood flooring is essential in preserving its beauty and natural elegance. Caring and maintaining your wood can be straight forward and easy if you follow this simple advice:



Wood Floor Cleaning     

Regular cleaning of your hardwood floor

  • For daily cleaning remove loose dirt and grit with a soft bristle brush or vacuum. If you allow dirt and dust particles to build up it can scratch and damage the surface of your hardwood if walked on. If using vacuum cleaner then be sure that you have the correct attachments specifically designed for hardwood floors, otherwise you may damage your floor.
  • Clean your hardwood floor on a weekly basis by using a pH neutral wooden floor cleaning solution and microfibre mop. The Bona Wood Floor Spray Mop is ideal as it has a re-fillable spray attachment on the handle and a rotating mop head with re-movable and washable microfibre pads.
  • Under no circumstance should you wet mop or steam clean any wooden floors. Both the moisture and heat created will, overtime, result in problems relating to the deterioration of the wood planks and could cause irreparable damage. You can use a damp mop with water, but the mop must be fully wrung out so that no excess water is allowed to sit on top of your flooring.
  • Any liquid or food spillages must be promptly wiped up with a dry, absorbent cloth or paper towel to ensure that the liquid does not soak into your hardwood flooring.
  • Sticky residues and isolated stubborn stains can be removed gently with a slightly dampened cloth. Once finished, dry away any excess water with a paper towel.



Prevent damage to your wood floor     

Preventing damage to your hardwood floor

  • Avoid using any detergents, bleaches, abrasive or acidic cleaners on wood flooring as these may react with or scratch the floor surface. Furniture polish should also be avoided as it can leave a slippery residue that can be hard to remove.
  • If possible, doormats should be used at all entrance doors to catch debris, dirt and moisture from outdoors. It is also advisable to ask family and visitors to remove their footwear before walking on your floor, especially if they are dirty, wet or have sharp spikes, like football boots or stiletto heels.
  • Further protection against scratches and dents can be prevented by adding felt protector pads to the bottom of furniture and heavy objects. If you do not have felt protector pads never drag or slide furniture or objects across your flooring. Always lift, carry and place them down gently.
  • It is advisable not to use a rug on your hardwood floor in the first few months after it has been installed, this is as the flooring is still adapting to its surroundings and may have a slight colour change from UV light created by the sun. If you do choose to have a rug after the first few months, then you should reposition them relatively frequently to avoid them leaving any noticeable colour changes.



Refinishing your hardwood floor     

Refinishing your hardwood floor


If after a number of years your hardwood flooring has lost its lustre and elegance, you can revive the appearance by sanding it down and re-finishing it using a wooden floor lacquer or oil. This will also help to protect your hardwood flooring from further damage. If you would like to sand and re-finish your floor, it is always advisable that you ask a professionally trained and experienced floor fitted to carry out this work.

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