Underfloor Heating Compatible Laminate Flooring

All of Quick-steps laminate flooring can be used with underfloor heating.  In addition to being able to use the floors with underfloor heating, they are also water resistant (some are waterproof), scratch resistant, durable, easy to install and easy to look after.  At a cost effective price you can have an elegant, beautiful and natural looking floor in a colour, design and style of your choice.


What is underfloor heating compatible laminate flooring?

Laminate flooring that is compatible with an underfloor heating system means that the flooring has been tested and certified to be used in connection with underfloor heating.  This means that the laminate flooring can withstand and adapt to the changes in temperature created from the heating, and the flooring will not become damaged in any way (if the manufacturers guidelines are followed).

Quick-step laminate flooring, which is compatible with underfloor heating is made from four layers:

1. A scratch resistant and water resistant transparent, protective top layer

2. A design layer - a high resolution photograph of wood, tiles or slate

3. A HDF (high density fibreboard) core which provides the flooring with durable, stable and water resistant properties.

4. A base layer to balance the laminate flooring so that it does not bend, cup or bow during or after the installation process.


How do I install underfloor heating compatible laminate flooring?

Like all types of laminate flooring, the installation process of underfloor heating compatible laminate is quick, easy and straight forward. Quick-step have designed and unique Uniclic fitting system which allows you to click and lock the laminate together without the need for glue or nails.  It is extremely easy to use and results in a stunning and seamless floor.


Are there any alternatives?

Of course, there are always alternatives.  If you are not sure whether laminate flooring is right for you then why not look at some of our other ranges such as: solid wood flooring, engineered wood flooring or vinyl flooring.

Here are links to some of our most popular floors:

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Further help and advice

If you require any more help or would like advice on which flooring is best for you, then either contact us or come into our showroom where one of our friendly team will be happy to help.  


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