Wood Stain

If you are thinking of having an unfinished floor, and would like to make it unique and exceptional, then why not have a look at our amazing range of wood stains.  They may just help to give you the effect that you are looking for.  Wood stains are available in all different colours and tones and can either drastically change the appearance and colour of your wood, or they can delicately highlight its natural beauty by soaking into the grain and emphasising every detail.  We stock a wide range of wood stains and tints for both indoor and outdoor use.


What is a wood stain?

A wood stain is product that will stain, or change the colour of your wooden floor or furniture.  Stains can be used to obtain a different colour than your original product, or can be used subtly to accentuate the natural beauty of the wood, depending upon the shade you choose.


Why should I choose a wood stain?

If you are trying to achieve a truly unique floor, or would like to try and match your flooring to an existing décor or item of furniture, then you may want to consider having an unfinished hardwood floor, which is fitted first and then finished once it is in place.  This gives you the perfect opportunity to be creative with wood stains and tints to find the colour that is perfect for your space.  Once the stain has been applied, you must the protect you hardwood floor with either an wood oil or wood lacquer so that it does not become damaged with daily wear and tear.

If you are thinking about having an unfinished floor but haven’t yet chosen one, please see out range of Unfinished Engineered Oak and Unfinished Solid Oak floors. Or if you would like to know more about unfinished floors, then have a look at our article What is Unfinished Flooring?or our Wood Flooring Guide, which helps to explain the different flooring types in more detail.

Alongside stains for wooden floors and furniture, we also stock a range of wood stains that are suitable for exterior use.  Most of our wood stain products come in different sizes and have a wide range of colours to choose from, including white, black and varying shades of browns and greys.


Are there any alternatives?

The alternative would be to just protect you hardwood with top coats of oil or lacquer, without using a colour stain or tint.  This will mean that you will have a floor, decking or furniture that truly shows off the natural beauty and charm of the grain and pattern of the species of wood.


Further help and advice

For any technical advice about our oils or stains, please either visit us at our showroom or contact our sales office, where we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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