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How to treat an unfinished hardwood floor

An unfinished floor is a completely raw surface, with no protective layer applied. It must be sealed and finished before it is used to prevent stains and damage from occurring. Unfinished hardwood floors are becoming a popular choice because they can be installed, and then customised with a colour stain and either a lacquer or oil finish to provide a matt, semi-matt or natural appearance and offer protection to your wooden floor.

It is advised that the same brand of stain, primer and oil or lacquer should be used, and always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Installing and treating an unfinished floor is an intricate job that will require the expertise of a professionally trained floor fitter.

These are the steps involved when treating an unfinished floor:

    1. After installation, lightly sand the floor in the direction of the grain, using a sanding machine.


    1. Vacuum away any excess dust using a vacuum head specifically designed for wooden floors.


    1. Now is the time to add a colour stain of your choice. Wood floor stains are available in a wide range of both natural and vibrant colours. Apply the stain with a brush or cloth, working the stain into the wooden floor. Always follow the instructions from the manufacturer. Allow the satin to dry for the required amount of time and wipe away any excess. Apply a second coat if necessary. If however, you prefer the natural look of the floor, you can miss out this step.


    1. If recommended by the manufacturer, a primer should be applied to prepare the floor. Apply the wooden floor primer to the floor by following the manufacturer’s instructions. Start at the edge of the room working against the grain in small sections. Once one section is complete, smooth out the primer by working along the grain. Now continue this process until the room is complete. Allow the primer to dry for the recommended amount of time.


    1. Now the floor has been prepared, it must be sealed with either a wood floor lacquer or wood floor oil. The choice of oil or lacquer (sometimes known as varnish), is completely your choice. A lacquer or varnish will provide a smooth finish to your wooden floor and is available in either a matt or semi-matt appearance. An oil, on the other hand, gives a more natural appearance that is slightly rough to the touch. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when applying an oil or lacquer and try to apply thinly and evenly in small sections at a time. Leave to dry for the recommended amount of time, and apply a second coat if necessary.

How to treat an unfinished hardwood floor - oil

The above information is only a guide to treating an unfinished floor. It is always advisable to use a professional floor fitter and use stains, primers, oils and lacquers that are specifically designed for hardwood floors. Remember to read and follow the instructions carefully.

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