Do I need to use felt protector pads?

Do I need to use felt protector pads?

Do I need to use felt protector pads?

This entry was posted on March 25, 2024 by sam elliott

Using felt protector pads alongside a wooden floor is a great idea.  They will help to reduce the risk of unwanted scratches and dents to the surface of your wood.  A hardwood floor is fairly durable but can easily become damaged if you drag or drop furniture or heavy items across it. This is where felt protector pads can become useful. You can use them on most items of furniture to create a soft barrier which will help to protect your floor.


How do felt protector pads work?

Felt protector pads simply attach to the bottom of your furniture to provide a protective layer. They are small anti-scratch pieces of protective felt that can be stuck to the bottom of furniture.  There are two options - either a self-adhesive back or a screw-in pad.  The self-adhesive pads are quick and easy to apply and remove but may need replacing more often. The screw in pads provide a much more secure fit but are usually a little more costly.  You should be able to find felt protector pads in multi-packs of various sizes.  Our multipack of assorted sizes is very popular as it has a range of shapes and sizes to meet all your needs.

Where can I use a felt protector pad?

We recommend that you use them on most pieces of furniture or heavy items which will come into contact with your wooden floor.  You can find them in a variety of shapes and sizes.  Here are some suggestions of where you can use them.

• Chair legs

• Table legs

• Sofa feet

• Armchair feet

• Foot stool feet

• Office desks

• Coffee table legs

• Bed legs

For more information about using felt protector pads and generally protecting your wooden floor, read the following article: How to prevent scratches on hardwood floors.

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