Engineered Oak Range

Engineered Oak Range

Engineered Oak Range

This entry was posted on April 19, 2024 by sam elliott

Engineered Oak flooring is a popular choice for any homeowner.  You will find that it has the same appearance and character as solid Oak flooring, but it is much more versatile and cost effective.  If you are thinking about having engineered Oak flooring, it is more durable than solid Oak flooring because of the way the planks are constructed.  The base layers offer additional stability to the planks of flooring allowing them to be floated over an underlay and used in rooms with fluctuating temperatures.


What choices are in the engineered Oak range?

Firstly, you have the choice between plank style or parquet block. Here is a quick idea of what they could look like in your home:

Secondly, you should choose whether you want natural Oak, or an enhanced colour by means of either staining or smoking the wood.  Some examples are:

Natural Oiled Engineered Oak

Dark Smoked Engineered Oak

Pebble Grey Brushed and Oiled Oak


Finally, you can decide whether you would like an unfinished flooring, which will then need protecting with layers of oil once installed, or you can opt for a pre-finished floor that is really to use as soon as you have installed it.


What are the advantages of engineered Oak?

• It can withstand fluctuations in humidity and temperature – meaning that it can be used in areas with underfloor heating, in kitchens, in conservatories and other rooms with large amounts of glazing.

• You will find it far more cost effective than solid Oak flooring and can usually be found at around 20% cheaper.

• The installation is quick and easy as it does not need to be fixed in position. It can be loose laid (floated) over an underlay by simply clicking the planks into place.

• You often have far more choice of colour and style with engineered Oak. Colour stains can easily be added to create endless shades and tones.

• Engineered Oak can last a lifetime if you care for it properly.

• Finally, it is really easy to clean and look after. Have a look at our Care and Maintenance Guide for tips and advice.