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Engineered Wood Flooring Finish

Engineered wood flooring is available with different finishes applied to the surface.  The finish of the floor provides protective layers of oil or lacquer so that your hardwood floor is ready to walk on as soon as it has been installed, and you can rest assured that daily wear and tear will not damage your floor.  The main types of different flooring finishes are Oiled, Brushed and Oiled, Lacquered, Handscraped and Distressed. Alternatively, we also provide hardwood flooring that has been Unfinished so that you can add your own colour stain and protective layers once it has been installed. 


Engineered hardwood flooring is versatile, durable and gives you a choice of species of wood to choose from, including Oak, Walnut, Blacknut and Hickory.  The species of wood give the floor the character and charm as they all vary in colour, grain and pattern so be sure to have a look at the different species before you make a decision.



What are the different wood flooring finishes?

Engineered hardwood flooring is available with the following flooring finishes:


Oiled – The natural beauty of the hardwood is protected from daily wear and tear with a matt finish. Board widths, lengths and thicknesses vary and engineered oiled hardwood floors are available with either a click fitting system or a tongue and groove profile.


Brushed and Oiled – The surface of the hardwood flooring has been brushed lightly to expose the natural qualities and charm of the wood without damaging it.  The floors have then been finished with a matt oil. Board widths, lengths and thicknesses vary and engineered brushed and oiled hardwood floors are available with either a click fitting system or a tongue and groove profile. 


Lacquered – Lacquered floors are available with either a matt finish or a satin matt finish.  The lacquer adds additional strength and protection to the floor whilst keeping its natural character and charm. Board widths, lengths and thicknesses vary and engineered lacquered hardwood floors are available with either a click fitting system or a tongue and groove profile.


Handscraped – The boards of hardwood flooring have been hand scraped to add definition and uniqueness.  The flooring then has a satin matt lacquer added for protection. Board widths, lengths and thicknesses vary and engineered handscraped hardwood floors are available with either a click fitting system or a tongue and groove profile.


Distressed – Distressed hardwood floors have been intentionally distressed to create an aged and worn appearance with imperfections added to the flooring to enhance its charm.  The distressed surface has then been coated with protective layers of oil to retain its natural beauty. Engineered distressed hardwood floors are available with a traditional tongue and groove fitting profile.


Unfinished – This is the raw hardwood floor without any lacquer or oil added.  It is perfect if you want to create a unique looking floor (by adding your own combination of colour stains and top coats), or if you want to install your floor before deciding how to finish it to ensure it complements your room. Board widths, lengths and thicknesses vary and engineered unfinished hardwood floors are available with either a traditional tongue and groove fitting system.


If you would like further information on different finishes of flooring, please have a look at our article What is the difference between oil, varnish and lacquer?


For further information about wood flooring types and finishes, please read our Wood Flooring Guide, or to specifically find out more about how engineered hardwood flooring is made, please see our Guide to Engineered Wood Flooring.



Which wood flooring finish should I choose?

The wood flooring finish is solely down to personal taste and preference.  Pre-finished floors can have different appearances depending upon their finish, for example a distressed or handscapped hardwood floor may be more suited to a traditional home with rustic appeal and character, while a hardwood floor with an oiled or lacquered surface would fit well with a contemporary or modern space.  The beauty of an unfinished hardwood floor is that you can add colour stains and different flooring finishes once it has been installed, which is ideal for creating a unique floor, or if you are trying to match a colour scheme or décor. 


If you are still unsure which type of flooring to choose, have a look at our article, Unfinished Vs Pre-finished Hardwood Flooring.



Adding the finishing touches to your room

Along with your hardwood floor you are likely to need some flooring accessories to add the finishing touches which can help by covering up any expansion gaps, holes around pipes or gaps in doorways.  You may want to have a look at our Hardwood Flooring Accessories, which include a full range of mouldings to match and complement your choice in flooring. 


We also have a wide range of cleaning and maintenance products which have been specifically designed for hardwood floors.  Looking after your hardwood floor is an essential part of maintaining its beauty.  Most hardwood floors are easy to look after by taking simple steps to prevent scratches and damage from occurring, and by following a regular cleaning routine.  You can prevent damage to your hardwood floor by removing outdoor footwear, applying felt protector pads to the bottom of furniture or heavy objects and by wiping away any spills or liquids straight away.  A simple cleaning routine of daily sweeping to remove grit, dust and dirt, followed by a weekly clean using a wooden floor cleaning sprayshould keep your floor looking fresh and new.


For further information about cleaning and maintaining you hardwood floor, please have a look at our Wood Floor Maintenance and Care Guide, or read our Top Ten Cleaning Tips for Hardwood Floors.



Are there any alternatives available?

Engineered wood floors are a great choice and look fantastic when laid but they still may not be what you're looking for. We stock a complete range of flooring including solid wood flooring, parquet block, laminate and vinyl. All of our ranges can be seen on our website and free samples are available on all of our floors.



Further help and advice

If you would like to know more about engineered wood flooring, our Wood Flooring Guide may be of use to you as it covers the structure, fitting profile and finishes of the different types of flooring that we stock. For further advice and guidance on any of our floors, accessories or flooring products, please contact our sales office or pop into our showroom.

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