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Unfinished Vs Pre-finished Hardwood Flooring

The difference between unfinished hardwood flooring and pre-finished hardwood flooring is in the name. An unfinished hardwood floor is raw material. The wood has be machined into planks of flooring but has been left ‘unfinished’ so has no additional stain or protective layer. A pre-finished hardwood floor has undergone a finishing process during the manufacturing stage of production and has a protective top layer of oil or lacquer. All hardwood floors need finishing to prevent damage occurring from stains, moisture or general wear and tear, and to highlight the wood’s natural colour and beauty. So, the main difference is that an unfinished floor will be installed and then finished, and a pre-finished floor has been finished before installation takes place.

Unfinished Vs Pre-finished Hardwood Flooring

Unfinished Hardwood Flooring

An unfinished hardwood floor is an excellent choice as it provides and wider range of colour and style options. It can be time consuming to install and finish but if done properly it offers outstanding results. A unique look can be achieved by choosing a combination of wood species, plank width, colour, stain and finish. Almost any colour and look is achievable, whether it be light or dark, with a matt, satin or high gloss finish. One main advantage of an unfinished floor is that it can be matched to other floors or interiors more easily as the stain and finish is added onsite, after installation.

Unfinished Vs Pre-finished Hardwood Flooring-wood stains Wood stains on Ambience Hardwood Flooring

Pre-finished Hardwood Flooring

A pre-finished floor is a brilliant choice as it takes less time to install because it has already been stained and sealed, meaning that the floor is ready to be walked on and used almost immediately. Also, there are no harsh fumes from oils, lacquers or stains, and no dust from sanding. The installation process is much quicker and more straight forward. Although the floor has been pre-finished, there are still many different wood species, plank widths, colours, stains and finished to choose from.

Unfinished Vs Pre-finished Hardwood Flooring-mix-of-woods A mix of woods and styles

Things to consider when deciding between unfinished and pre-finished hardwood flooring

  • An unfinished floor can be more time consuming but does provide excellent results with a unique appearance.
  • Pre-finished floors are generally more expensive but installation costs and time are significantly less.
  • Some exotic species and unusual plank widths may only be available in unfinished flooring.
  • Both floors can be sanded and refinished numerous times if necessary.

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