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Wood Varnish

Varnish is a great way to give your floor a unique and personal look whilst still ensuring it is protected from daily wear and tear. If you have chosen an unfinished floor then you will need to add protective layers of lacquer before you use it, and you also have the perfect opportunity to add colour stains too.  A wood lacquer helps to add additional strength and protection to the surface of the flooring, making it easier to clean and look after.   



What is wood varnish?

Wood varnish is a liquid product that you apply to you hardwood in order to give it strength and protection.  If you are choosing an unfinished wooden floor then you will need to protect it in some way before you can walk on it.  Wood varnish is a great choice if you want a traditional looking wooden floor with either a matt or satin matt finish. It will ensure that you floor is protected from daily wear and tear and will help to prolong its life expectancy.


For more advice about unfinished floors, please see our blog article on ‘How to treat an unfinished floor’.


If you are still unsure which oils and stains to use, take a look at our Wood Flooring Guide which helps to explain the different floor finishes that can be achieved by using different products.



Why should I choose wood varnish?

If you are thinking of having an unfinished hardwood floor in your property, then it will need protecting by either adding layers of oil or varnish to the surface once it has been installed. Varnish will help to strengthen the surface of your hardwood and protect it from any unwanted damage that could be caused from daily wear and tear.  By using a wood varnish you are still allowing the beauty and charm of the wood to radiate, whilst providing it with the long lasting protection it needs. 


You may also be thinking about using a wood varnish if you have an existing wooden floor that needs refreshing and reviving.  This is not a straight forward job as it requires sanding the flooring and then re-protecting it, but it will help to restore your hardwood to its original beauty, and help it to last for many more years to come.



Are there any alternatives?

Yes, if you are looking to add the finishing protective layers to your wood, and you would like an alternative to wood varnish, then have a look at our range of Wood Oils. Both oil and varnish will protect you flooring, decking or furniture from daily wear and tear and help to keep it looking its best while maintain its natural beauty.


If you are still unsure, why not have a look at the following article: What is the difference between oil, varnish and lacquer?



Further help and advice

For any technical advice about our wood oils or wood stains, please either visit us at our showroom or contact our sales office, where we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


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