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Solid Oak Wood Trims

If you have chosen Oak flooring, you may want to think about which solid oak wood trims you may need to finish your flooring.  All of our Oak trims are made from solid Oak.  They will match and complement any choice of engineered or solid natural Oak flooring.


Why would I need a solid Oak wood trim?

Any type of wooden flooring trim is an essential part of installation.  When fitting your wooden floor, you will have to leave expansion gaps around the edge of the room, in doorways and around any pipes.  This allows the wooden floor to naturally expand and contract with changes in the atmosphere.  The expansion gaps are necessary to avoid damage to your floor.  However, they can easily be covered over by solid oak wood trims.  You may also want to use a wooden flooring trim when transitioning from one floor to another.


Which trims should I use?

Here are the most popular types of solid Oak trims and when you may need to use them:

Beading / Scotia

Beading, which is often referred to as quarter round or scotia, can be used to cover the expansion gap that has been left between your new hardwood floor and the existing skirting board.

Solid Oak Beading


A ramp, sometimes known as a flush reducer, will help to join two floors that are at a different level, e.g. hardwood flooring to tiles or vinyl.

Solid Oak Ramp

Pipe Cover

You would use a pipe cover to conceal the base of pipework from radiators or other pipes that may meet your wooden flooring.

Solid Oak Pipe Covers

Stair Nosing

Solid Oak stair nosing can be used when fitting hardwood flooring onto a staircase.

Solid Oak Stair Nosing

Door Stop

You would use a door stop to stop your door from banging into the wall behind it.

Solid Oak Door Stop


You would use a T-moulding, also known as a threshold, join two floors of the same height and level.  A good example of this would be between a doorway.

Solid Oak Door Bar


If you have a colour stained Oak floor, you may want to think about using an unfinished Oak trim and adding a colour stain yourself.

If you are still unsure of which solid Oak trims you need, please speak to one of our sales team.



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