Hand Scraped Oak Floors

Hand Scraped Oak Floors

This entry was posted on July 28, 2022 by sam elliott

Hand scraped flooring will give you a rustic and textured surface.  This extra definition is added when the planks of flooring are scraped by hand before the protective oils or lacquers are added.  As each plank of Oak wooden flooring is scraped by hand, no two planks are the same, so you get an authentic and aged looking floor.  You are still getting the natural beauty of Oak, with its distinctive grain and knot patterns, but with an added twist of uniqueness. It is a perfect choice for anyone looking for a beautiful hardwood floor with added character and charm.


Which rooms can I use hand scraped Oak flooring in?

As it is so versatile, you can use it in the same way as any Oak flooring. It can be installed in most rooms, with the exception of bathrooms and any wet areas.  If you choose engineered hand scraped oak flooring, you have the option of floating it over an underlay or fixing it into position.  However, if you choose solid hand scraped oak flooring, you will have to fix it down into position.  


Is it easy to look after?

Yes, it is super easy to look after.  All you need to do is sweep your floor everyday which removes dust and dirt.  Follow this up by cleaning on a weekly basis to freshen up your floor.  Finally, have a look at our Wood Floor Maintenance and Care Guide for more tips and advice.  


What alternatives are there?

Furthermore. if you are not sure about the rustic surface of this floor, and would prefer a smoother surface, we have may alternatives for you to take a look at:

• Oiled oak flooring

Brushed and oiled oak flooring

Lacquered oak flooring

Unfinished oak flooring