Chevron Flooring Explained

Chevron Flooring Explained

This entry was posted on July 8, 2020 by sam elliott

Chevron flooring is often confused with herringbone or parquet block flooring. It does create a similar pattern, but the blocks of flooring have a slightly different profile. The chevron pattern created can only be done with this particular type of floor. It is a beautiful flooring design that is quickly coming back into fashion.

What exactly is Chevron Wood Flooring?

Chevron wood flooring has a unique and stunning design that immediately creates a beautiful statement floor.  It has been developed and designed in order to create the beautiful chevron pattern. When the flooring is installed the tips of the planks create a ‘V’ shape, known as a chevron.  Then the shape is continued to provide a uniform zigzag pattern throughout. The actual planks of flooring are smaller than a normal wooden floor plank, and the ends are finished at a 45-degree angle. This allows the planks to be fitted together in the ‘V’ pattern. You can only create a chevron pattern with this type of flooring. 

It can sometimes be mistaken for herringbone or parquet block flooring.  However, this is a different type of flooring altogether.  The planks of parquet have 90-degree angles, rather than 45 degrees, thus creating a completely different geometrical pattern. For further information, have a look at the following:  Chevron and Herringbone: What is the difference? Why not have a look at our range of Oak Chevron Wood Flooring.


How can I install it in my home?

Due to the shape of the planks, and the unique pattern that is created, it has a very specific fitting method.  The planks usually have a tongue and groove fitting profile to provide a snug fit.  The main difference in fitting is because of the shape of the plank. The top and bottom of each plank has been cut off at a 45-degree angle.  Rather than laying the planks parallel to each other, they are installed in a ‘V’ shape.  The planks must be fixed into position with flexible flooring adhesive.  As installing chevron hardwood flooring can be quite complex, we would always recommend using a professional and experienced floor fitter.

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