Chevron and Herringbone: What is the difference?

Chevron and Herringbone: What is the difference?

This entry was posted on October 3, 2018 by Chris Elliott

Many people get confused about the difference between chevron and herringbone flooring. At a first glance, you may think that is the same style of floor. However, if you look more closely, you will find different shaped planks and a different pattern.  Both chevron and herringbone are becoming more and more popular and will give you a stand out, luxury floor.


What is Chevron Wood Flooring?

Chevron wood flooring will give you a beautiful chevron or ‘V’ pattern.  It has been designed to specifically to create this style of flooring when installed. The individual planks of flooring are much shorter and usually narrower than usual planks.  The ends have been cut at a 45 degree angle so that the chevron pattern can be created, where the planks come together into a point. Take a look at all of our Chevron Wood Flooring


What is Herringbone Wood Flooring?

Herringbone wood flooring is the traditional style or pattern for laying parquet blocks.  The blocks of flooring are much smaller than usual flooring planks and have been designed to create the distinctive ‘herringbone’ zigzag pattern.  You will fit the blocks of flooring together to provide a staggered zigzag pattern.  The end of the planks are left at a 90 degree angle so you will stagger the pattern rather than create a ‘V’ shape. Take a look at all of our Herringbone Wood Flooring


What is the key difference between chevron and herringbone?

The key difference between the two styles of flooring is the following:

• The ends of chevron planks are cut at a 45 degree angle.

• Herringbone planks are cut at a 90 degree angle.

• Chevron flooring creates a zigzag style pattern, coming to a point at the top of each zigzag.

• Herringbone flooring still has a zigzag pattern but you will find it is more of a staggered effect.


Both chevron and herringbone can be found in different species of wood with different surface finishes.  They will both give you a timeless and classic look and are becoming more and more popular again.