Chevron Wood Flooring

Chevron Wood Flooring

This entry was posted on July 9, 2018 by Chris Elliott

What is Chevron Wood Flooring?

Chevron wood flooring is wood flooring that has been designed in such a way that you can create a beautiful chevron pattern.  It is a beautifully crafted design that is coming back into fashion.  When installed the short planks of flooring create a chevron or ‘V’ shape.  The individual planks of chevron wood flooring are shorter than normal wood floor planks. The ends are cut at a 45 degree angle so that the chevron pattern can be created.

Like other types of wood flooring, chevron flooring can be found with different finishes, colour stains, widths, thicknesses and lengths.  The different sizes of planks can create a different looking floor.  The end result will always be the beautiful chevron pattern, but a narrower plank will have a more defined pattern, whereas the wider planks will create a deep and sophisticated chevron effect. 

We have a range of engineered hardwood chevron flooring that ranges in colour from natural Oak, through to a dark chocolate brown Oak. Have a look at all of our Oak Chevron Wood Flooring. 


How do I install Chevron Wood Flooring?

Chevron Flooring has a unique fitting method.  The planks of chevron flooring have either a tongue and groove fitting profile or a click fitting system.  With tongue and groove chevron flooring the tongues fit tightly into the grooves to create a snug fit. Tongue and groove flooring is a standard method of installing wooden floors.  The difference with Chevron flooring is that the top and bottom of each plank of flooring is cut off at a 45 degree angle.  So, rather than laying the planks next to each other, you would install them in a chevron or ‘V’ shape.  T

he planks of chevron flooring must be fixed to the subfloor with a flexible flooring adhesive.  With Click fitting chevron flooring you would simply click the planks together in the ‘V’ shape but you still need to glue them down to the subfloor.  Installing chevron wood flooring can be quite difficult so we would always recommend using a professional floor fitter.

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