The different colours of Chevron Oak

The different colours of Chevron Oak

The different colours of Chevron Oak

This entry was posted on July 12, 2023 by sam elliott

Chevron is a stunning style of flooring that creates an unusual ‘V’ shape.  In our range of Chevron Oak, we have 3 different colours to choose from; natural, smoked and dark smoked.


What is chevron flooring?

Chevron flooring is a particular style of flooring that creates a beautiful chevron pattern. The planks are shorter than usual, and have been carefully designed with ends at a 45 degree angle. This special feature allows the unique chevron pattern to be created.

The small planks of flooring are fitted together with the angled ends meeting.  This creates the ‘V’ pattern, which is repeated over and over again across your room. The end result will be the beautiful and sophisticated chevron pattern.


What are the three different colours?

Our range of Chevron is all made from Oak, which is timeless and characteristic.  We have three different colours for you to choose from.


Natural Oak

The natural and golden tones of Oak.


Smoked Oak

This Oak has been smoked to give a slightly darker and warmer appearance.


Dark Smoked Oak

The Oak has been made even darker to provide rich and deeper brown tones throughout.


Where can I install it?

Chevron flooring can be installed in the same places as any other hardwood, including:

• Living rooms

• Kitchens

• Bedrooms

• Dining areas

• Office spaces