New Engineered Charnwood Oak Chevron Blocks

New Engineered Charnwood Oak Chevron Blocks

This entry was posted on February 15, 2022 by sam elliott

We have three new amazing floors in our Charnwood range of engineered Oak. These new floors are slightly different from the traditional plank or parquet block style.  They are a chevron block, and there are three shades of Oak to choose from!

Chevron flooring can sometimes be confused with herringbone.  They both create a similar pattern, but the difference is that chevron makes a true ‘V’ shape as the blocks of flooring are a specific shape.  The blocks come together to form this ‘V’ shape, which is then repeated to create a zig zag pattern across your floor.

We have the following three stunning colours to choose from:

Natural Oak Chevron

The Oak has been left as its natural golden colour.  It will complement most interiors and will give a classic feel to your home.


Smoked Oak Chevron

The Oak has been smoked to give the flooring a warm brown colour.  It will add warmth and character to any room.  


Dark Smoked Oak Chevron

The Oak has an even darker brown smoked colour.  This is sure to add depth and sophistication to your home.


More about the flooring:

All three colours are the same size, fitting profile and style; it is just the colour of the Oak that is different.  Here is some more information:

All are engineered. They have a solid Oak top layer of 4mm, with engineered base layers underneath.

• The blocks are 530mm long and 90mm wide, with a 45-degree angle on the top and bottom edge, which allows you to create the chevron pattern.

• They all have a tongue and groove fitting system to give a tight and secure fit. You must glue them down during installation.

• All three have both been finished with a UV oil to protect the surface of the floor.

• The blocks have a textured feel to the surface, which has been lightly brushed to expose the natural qualities of the Oak.

• You can use any of these chevron floors in almost any room in your home. They can be used with underfloor heating systems and in conservatories or other rooms where temperature and humidity fluctuate.