Real wood or LVT?

Real wood or LVT?

This entry was posted on April 8, 2022 by sam elliott

When deciding on a new floor you may be thinking of either real wood or LVT.  A real wood floor is made from real wood (usually Oak) and will look elegant and sophisticated.  LVT is a luxury vinyl tile, which can mimic the appearance of with wood or tiles.  The beauty of LVT is that it looks like a natural product but is more cost effective and can be waterproof.


What are the benefits of a real wood floor?

Hardwood flooring is timeless and characteristic.  You are getting a natural floor covering that is easy to look after and keep clean.  You have the choice of plank style flooring, parquet block or chevron.  If you install and look after your floor correctly, it will last a lifetime.  Real wood floors are versatile and can be used in almost any room in your home.  If you choose engineered wood flooring, you can also use it with underfloor heating systems and in conservatories. 


What are the benefits of LVT?

LVT is available in the choice of wood effect or stone tile effect.  The designs are very detailed and authentic but feel very different underfoot.  The surface of LVT usually has a built-in stain guard and scratch protector.  This makes it easy to look after and keep clean.  Some types of LVT are waterproof, so ideal for wet areas like bathrooms or utility rooms.  Like an engineered wood floor, LVT is compatible with underfloor heating systems and can be fitted in most rooms in your home. 


Should I choose real wood or LVT?

The choice is really down to personal preference.  A real wooden floor will undoubtedly look more authentic and sophisticated so ideal for hallways and living spaces.  However, LVT is a great choice for bathrooms and utility rooms as it is waterproof.  If you are on a budget, then LVT is a good option.  Both are great choices, but it is probably worth visiting our showroom so that you can see and feel them, in order to get a better idea of what will suit your needs.