Guide to Flooring Room by Room

Guide to Flooring Room by Room

Guide to Flooring Room by Room

This entry was posted on February 2, 2021 by sam elliott

When you are looking for a new floor, your options will depend on which room it is going into.  Different rooms in a home have different features that you may need to think about, like: how busy is the room? does it have excess water? and where abouts is the room.  Below is a guide to the best flooring options for different rooms throughout your home.



The hallway is the entrance to your home so you will, no doubt, want a stunning looking floor.  You will also need a hardwearing floor as hallways are busy areas!  We would recommend having a natural floor like solid Oak or strand woven bamboo flooring.  Both are elegant and sophisticated but will be able to withstand the daily wear and tear of a hallway.


Living Room

Carpets are often a popular choice for living areas, but if you are looking for a hard flooring you can’t beat engineered wood floors.  They are so versatile and can really transform the look of any room. Engineered hardwood flooring looks exactly like solid wood flooring once it has been installed, but you get the added benefits of a click fitting system, wider planks of flooring and the option to fit it in almost any room in your home.  If you want a cosy feel to your room, you can always add a rug or use underfloor heating. 




In a kitchen you will need a floor that is resilient and hard wearing.  Kitchens are often busy rooms and can be a prime area for food spills.  If you want a natural floor, then go for either strand woven bamboo or engineered hardwood, just be careful to wipe away any spills straight away.  If you are looking for a water resistant or waterproof floor, opt for Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) or laminate flooring, which will still look and feel great! 



You will need a waterproof floor for a bathroom, something that won’t get damaged by excess water.  We would recommend either waterproof laminate flooring, or LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tiles).  Both of these options are perfect for bathrooms.  They are warm under foot and totally waterproof.  There are hundreds of different styles to choose from too, meaning that there is sure to be something you will love.



Again, bedrooms can sometimes be associated with carpets, but we love a clean, fresh hardwood floor in a bedroom.  Either solid wood or engineered wood would be perfect.  They both look luxurious and are easy to keep clean.  With all of the different colour and style options you are sure to be able to find something that matches your decor.



To cope with the changes in temperature and humidity in conservatories, you will need a floor that is dimensionally stable.  The two best options, in our opinion are engineered hardwood flooring and bamboo flooring Both are perfect for conservatories, can adjust to the constant changes of heat, and will give you a natural and beautiful floor.   


Utility Room

With splashes of water likely to be hitting the floor in your utility room, it is best to opt for a waterproof floor again. LVT is fully waterproof, and some types of laminate flooring are too.  There is a wide range of choice of styles, including stone effect and wooden flooring effect.  


Quick room by room flooring guide:

Here are the flooring options that you can use with a room by room guide: