Engineered Wood Flooring Benefits 

Engineered Wood Flooring Benefits 

This entry was posted on June 27, 2018 by Chris Elliott

If you choose engineered wood flooring you will be getting very versatile and stable product.  The beauty of engineered hardwood is that you are still getting a natural floor covering, at a more reasonable price, and it is stronger and more adaptable than solid wood flooring.   There can be mixed views of engineered wood flooring.  Some people love the versatility and usability of it, and others are afraid as they think it is not completely a natural product.  It is, of course, still a natural product and has a top layer of real wood so once installed looks and feels exactly the same as solid wood flooring.


How is engineered wood flooring made?

Engineered wood flooring is generally made from three layers.  A real hardwood top layer and two base layers of soft wood (usually Eucalyptus or Poplar).  The three-layer construction is engineered in a sophisticated way so that the planks of flooring become stable and durable.  The top layer of hardwood is the species of wood that you choose, for example Oak, Walnut, etc… Then underneath is a layer of soft wood, running perpendicular to the top layer.  This gives the flooring more structure.  The final base layer is again soft wood and runs perpendicular to the soft wood layer above it.   The planks of flooring are then finished off with the fitting profile (either click fitting or tongue and groove), a colour stain and a surface finish to the wood.  

There are endless colour stain options and many different surface finishes.  Colour stains can change the colour of the flooring dramatically or subtly. 

Have a look at some of our light, dark, grey or medium coloured engineered wood floors for some ideas.  You also have a choice of floor finish.  The floor finish is how the surface of the floor looks, from unfinished (the raw wood), through to distressed, handscrapped, oiled or lacquered. 

Why is Engineered Wood Flooring so versatile?

Engineered wood flooring is so versatile because of the way it has been made.  The three-layer construction provides the planks of engineered wood flooring with dimensional stability.  This makes the flooring durable and much more versatile than solid wood flooring.  Engineered wood flooring can be floated over an underlay or fixed into position.  It is also compatible with underfloor heating as it has the ability to withstand the constant changes in temperature.  The adaptability of engineered hardwood makes it a very popular type of flooring. 

Top 10 Engineered Wood Flooring Benefits:

1. It has a real wood top layer and looks exactly the same as solid wood flooring once installed.

2. Engineered hardwood can be used with underfloor heating.

3. It can be used in rooms where temperatures fluctuate, like conservatories and rooms with a lot of glazing.

4. You can choose to either float engineered hardwood over an underlay or fix it into position.

5. You will find it at a much more cost-effective price than solid wood flooring.

6. Engineered hardwood can be found with either a click fitting system or tongue and groove, depending upon your preference.

7. You can find engineered wood flooring in different species of wood.

8. You will have the choice of different plank sizes, from narrow to extra wide.

9. There are many different choices of colour stains and surface finishes.

10. The top layer of engineered hardwood can be sanded down and refinished to revive its beauty.


For more information about engineered wood flooring, why not have a read of our Guide to engineered wood flooring’.