Reasons to choose engineered hardwood flooring

Reasons to choose engineered hardwood flooring

Reasons to choose engineered hardwood flooring

This entry was posted on September 14, 2023 by sam elliott

Engineered hardwood flooring is an excellent choice for your home.  It is versatile, natural and chic.  Engineered wooden floors actually have a surface layer of real wood, so you can rest assured that you are getting the natural beauty of real wood. Underneath the top layer, there are multiple levels of base layers, which help to give the planks (or blocks) of flooring more stability.

If you are considering an engineered hardwood floor, you will want to know all of the benefits.


Why should I choose engineered hardwood?

• Firstly, you will find it much more cost effective than solid wood flooring.

• Once it is installed, you will find it almost impossible to tell apart from solid wood flooring as you will only see the solid wood surface layer.

• Engineered flooring does have a real wood top layer, unlike laminate flooring which only has a photograph of wood which has been laminated onto base layers.

• Most engineered wood flooring can be found with a click fitting system, which makes installation straight forward.

• You have the choice of installing engineered hardwood in several different ways. This will of course depend on your room and existing subfloor.

• It has been designed to be compatible with underfloor heating and also in rooms where temperature and humidity fluctuate, e.g. kitchens, conservatories and orangeries.

• You can find a wide range of colours, species of wood, styles, and surface finishes.

• There are different plank thicknesses available in most types of engineered wood flooring

• The top layer of solid wood can be sanded down and re-finished is it becomes dull or damaged.

• You will find engineered hardwood flooring quick and easy to clean.


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