How can I clean engineered wood flooring?

How can I clean engineered wood flooring?

How can I clean engineered wood flooring?

This entry was posted on January 30, 2024 by sam elliott

Cleaning an engineered floor is the same as cleaning any type of wooden floor. The best thing to do is adopt a simple and manageable cleaning routine, which will help your floor to stay looking clean and fresh. Having an engineered wooden floor doesn’t mean that you must spend hours a week on cleaning and maintenance, it can be very simple and straight forward.


Top tips for cleaning engineered wood flooring

Firstly, you should keep your floor dust and dirt free.  We usually recommend sweeping your engineered flooring every day, but this will of course depend on where your floor is, and how often the room is used.  If your engineered floor is in a busy area, like a hallway or kitchen, you will want to sweep on a daily basis.  However, if your floor is in a less used area, then sweep when you feel necessary. 

Always use a soft bristle brush or a vacuum cleaner with a wooden floor attachment.  This will prevent damage and scratches to your floor.

Secondly, you will want to clean your floor to keep it looking fresh and new. Again, you should do this when needed.  We would recommend once a week for a busy area.  There are a few different cleaning products that you can use.  Here are our favourites:

Bona All in One Spray Mop

Quick Step Cleaning Spray Mop

Osmo Cleaning Kit

There are other cleaning products you can use, but make sure they are specifically designed for use on wooden floors and are pH neutral.

Finally, be careful with any dirt or spills on your wooden floor.  If you see any excess water spilt on your floor, wipe it away immediately, otherwise it could cause damage to the wood.  If you notice any dirt, stone or grit, clean these away quickly because if they are walked on, they could dent or scratch the floor.


Are there any products I should avoid?

Yes, there are a few cleaning products that can damage your engineered wooden floor.  Please avoid the following:

• Never use a steam mop.

• Don’t use any harsh or abrasive cleaning products!

• Avoid using furniture polish.

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