Cleaning tips and advice for wooden floors

Cleaning tips and advice for wooden floors

Cleaning tips and advice for wooden floors

This entry was posted on March 22, 2023 by sam elliott

Looking after your wooden floor is essential if you want it to stay looking fresh and new. If you clean and care for your wooden floor properly, it can last a lifetime. We have put together some cleaning tips and advice to help you with your wooden floor.


Sweep your wooden floor everyday

In order to keep your wooden floor dust and dirt free you should sweep the surface on a daily basis.  The most effective way to do this is by using a soft bristle brush, which is gentle on your floor. Alternatively, you can use a vacuum cleaner, but make sure you use the correct attachment designed for hardwood flooring.


Clean with a pH neutral cleaning solution

After sweeping, we recommend that you clean your floor at least once a week (more often if needed) with a wooden floor cleaner.  The cleaning solution should be pH neutral. Bona Wooden Floor Spray Mop is ideal as it has a removable pad, spray handle and refillable cleaning cartridge.



Wipe away spills straight away

Wooden floors can absorb water or liquid that is left on the surface for a while.  It is essential that you wipe away excess water as soon as you notice it.  If it is left to soak in, you may be left with water marks or even a warped floor.


Remove your outdoor footwear before walking on your floor

Always remember to take off any wet or dirty outdoor footwear before walking on your hardwood floor.  Even small pieces of dirt, grit or stones could scratch or dent the surface of your wooden floor if walked on.  It will also mean that you won’t need to wipe away dirty or wet footprints!


Try to use doormats at entrance doors

This will reduce the amount of cleaning that you will need to do.  Ask family and visitors to thoroughly wipe their feet on the doormat before walking on your wooden floor. Remember to also ask them to remove their outdoor footwear.


Be careful which cleaning products you use

Certain cleaning products will damage a hardwood floor, so it is best to know any products that you should avoid.

Never use the following on your wooden floor:

• A steam mop – the steam can penetrate into the wood and cause permanent damage

• Furniture polish – this can leave a slippery residue which is hard to get rid of

• Any acidic or abrasive cleaning products – they could scratch or discolour your floor

For more detailed advice and tips about cleaning and looking after your wooden floor, read our Wood Floor Maintenance and Care Guide.