FAQs about Wooden Flooring

FAQs about Wooden Flooring

FAQs about Wooden Flooring

This entry was posted on May 19, 2023 by sam elliott

There are many questions that people ask when thinking about buying a wooden floor. It is a huge commitment as choosing the right floor and looking after it properly can ensure it will last you a lifetime.


We have thought about the FAQs we often get and put some of the answers here for you to read:


1. Is it easy to care for a wooden floor?

Yes, it is very easy to look after a wooden floor. The best advice we can give is to adopt a simple but regular cleaning routine. Sweep your floor daily to remove dust and dirt, then clean them on a weekly basis with a gentle wood flooring cleaner. Have a look at the following for more cleaning tips and advice:

Hardwood care and maintenance guide

Is hardwood flooring easy to look after?


2. What are the different wood grains and patterns?

The wood grain is the pattern that the wood creates, meaning the visible lines and knots that you can see on the plank of flooring. As wood is natural, each plank will vary and be slightly different.  This helps to give additional character and charm to your room.  The grain pattern is usually determined by the species of wood, and some can be quite distinctive, so be sure to look around at different species and styles of flooring before you make a decision.

The wood grain can play a key part in the aesthetics of your flooring.  If you are looking for a modern and minimalist floor, then we would advise choosing something with a less visible grain with less knots and a more uniform patter.  Alternatively, if you prefer a rustic feel, then opt for a more intense and distinct grain pattern.


3. Is solid wood better than engineered wood flooring?

Solid and engineered wood flooring are different types of flooring that look very similar.  They both have their advantages, so it really depends on what your requirements are.

Solid wood flooring is made from a solid piece of wood so you will find it more durable and can possibly sand it more times than engineered wood. Whereas engineered wood flooring has a solid top layer with base layers of plywood for added stability. This makes it more affordable and versatile in its use.


4. Can I use underfloor heating with my new wooden floor?

You can as long as you have engineered wooden flooring.  As previously mention, it is more stable and has been designed to allow the transfer of heat to the surface, while withstanding the constant fluctuations in temperature. 

You cannot use underfloor heating with a solid wood floor.


5. Which rooms can I install a wooden floor?

Engineered wooden flooring is extremely versatile.  You can install it in almost any room in your home, including; kitchen, bedroom, hallway, living area, conservatory and home offices. We would not recommend a wooden floor for your bathroom or any other wet areas.

It is really important that you don’t fit your wooden floor underneath the kitchen cabinets or fitted wardrobes, as this can restrict the natural movement of the wood.


6. What can damage my wooden floor?

If you are careful then your wooden floor should not become damaged.  Here are a few things to avoid:

• Dragging or dropping heavy or sharp objects on your floor

• Water and spills – wipe them up immediately

• Harsh cleaning products like bleach or anything acidic

• Steam mops

• Scrubbing your floor with an abrasive cloth or sponge





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