Wooden floors with warm tones

Wooden floors with warm tones

This entry was posted on September 27, 2022 by sam elliott

If you are looking for a wooden floor with warm tones then you probably want something that will add a touch of richness and depth to your room.  There are so many different types and colours of wooden flooring around, that it can sometimes be an overwhelming choice. Honey and caramel shades can often add warm tones.  The colour of the wooden floor is usually determined by the species of wood.  However, most wooden floors are made from Oak, and then have a colour stain added.  This gives you even more choice, or you could buy an unfinished floor and add your own colour stain.

Here are some of our favourite options for a wooden floor with warm tones.  


Engineered Honey Charnwood Oak

You will notice that this flooring gives you a warm and natural feel.  The engineered oak flooring has been stained with a honey colour to bring out the richness and warmth.  The planks are random length and can be easily fitted using the click fitting system.  


Engineered Honey Oak Parquet Block

Parquet block flooring can add a really interesting aspect to your home.  It gives a rustic feel, so along with the warm of this honey colour. It might be just what you are looking for. With the parquet blocks you can create either a herringbone, brick bond or basket weave pattern.  


Unfinished Oak with your choice of colour stain

The choices here are endless. You have the ability to create a floor that is unique to you.  Firstly, you would decide on the type of unfinished Oak that you like.  This could be plank style or parquet block. If you choose plank style, you can opt for different lengths and thicknesses of plank, which depends on what would suit you home better.  Then you would choose a colour stain with warm tones, which matches your décor.  Possibly choose a stain with either honey, caramel or amber tones.  We would strongly recommend testing some sample colours first before you stain your whole floor!