Wooden Floors with Tones of Grey

Wooden Floors with Tones of Grey

This entry was posted on July 12, 2022 by sam elliott

Choosing a wooden floor with grey tones running throughout can transform your room into a modern and contemporary space.  The flooring is usually made from Oak, and then a grey colour stain is added to the surface to provide the grey tones.  The best part of this is, that the colour stain can create endless shades of grey so there is sure to be something you will love.

Grey coloured floors are becoming more and more popular each year.  If you are looking for a fresh and modern floor, then a wooden floor with a grey tone is perfect for you. Alternatively, check out our grey coloured bamboo floors, which give you a bolder shade.  


Why should I choose a wooden floor with grey tones?

It can be stylish, chic and luxurious.  Here is why we love them:

• You are still getting a natural floor product, but with a colour tone to match your home

• Grey tones are fresh, modern and sophisticated

• A grey floor matches almost any style and colour of interior design

• Any colour of Oak flooring is quick and easy to look after

• If you care for your grey wooden floor, it can last you a lifetime

• Grey shades can add a clean and minimal aspect to your room

• It is a great investment for your property

• Engineered wooden flooring is versatile and can be easily installed. It can even be used with underfloor heating systems


What will it look like?

A wooden floor with grey tones, will look just like hardwood but with hints of grey throughout. You will still see the beauty of the Oak, with the natural and distinctive grain pattern and knots.  The colour stain just adds grey tones to enhance the planks of flooring for your pleasure.