Is hardwood flooring easy to look after?

Is hardwood flooring easy to look after?

This entry was posted on February 22, 2016 by Chris Elliott

Yes, hardwood flooring is easy to look after and maintain if you follow these simple steps:


1. Prevent damage to your hardwood floor

It is easy to prevent damage to your hardwood floor by protecting it from unwanted dirt, debris, scratches and dents. 

Firstly, you should apply anti-scratch felt protector pads to the bottom of all furniture to stop it from marking and scratching your hardwood floor with everyday movements. Secondly, place door mats at all entrance doors and ask visitors to remove their outdoor footwear (especially stiletto heels) before walking on your floor to ensure that no dirt, debris or water is left on your floor.  Finally, it is essential that any spills are cleaned away immediately so that they do not have a chance to soak into your flooring and cause damage.

Ambience 50. felt protector pads


2. Regularly clean your hardwood floor

Sweeping and cleaning your hardwood floor is probably one of the most important things to do in order to maintain its long lasting beauty and shine.  Sweep on a daily basis with a soft broom to get rid of any dust and loose dirt, then clean at least once a week with PH neutral wooden floor cleaning spray and mop to remove more stubborn marks.

Ambience 50. cleaning a hardwood floor

3. Other tips and advice needed to look after your hardwood floor

• If using a vacuum cleaner to clean your hardwood floor, you must ensure you have an attachment suitable for wooden floors.

• You can use a regular mop and bucket of water but you should ensure that the mop is fully wrung out as excess water could soak into your floor and cause damage.

• When moving furniture or heavy objects always pick them up rather than slide or drag them across your floor.

• Never use a steam mop as the heat and moisture can distort and discolour your hardwood flooring over time.

• Avoid using products which could leave a slippery residue on the surface of your hardwood floor, like oils, furniture polish and wax.