What is the best floor for my kitchen?

What is the best floor for my kitchen?

This entry was posted on June 14, 2021 by sam elliott

If you are thinking about having a new floor in your kitchen then you will want something strong, durable, water resistant and able to cope with changes in temperature and humidity. Your kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in your home, so you need something both practical and that will look great.

What things do I need to think about?

Firstly, you should think about choosing a floor that is hardwearing and durable.  Kitchens are inevitably one of the busiest rooms in your home with constant footfall throughout the day. A kitchen can also be a place where you will probably want a water-resistant or waterproof floor.  Spills and drips of food and water are bound to happen so you will want a floor that will cope with this, and not get damaged. You will also want to think about a floor that can deal with constant changes in humidity and temperature. Most appliances in your kitchen (kettle, oven, dishwasher) will generate heat and humidity into the room, so your floor needs to be resilient against that. Finally, and probably most importantly, you need to think about the style and colour of flooring that will match your kitchen cabinets and décor. 

What are the best floors for my kitchen?

Obviously, your choice will depend on personal preference, but here are our top two recommendations for flooring for your kitchen:

1. Luxury Vinyl Tiles (Waterproof)

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) are a great choice as they are fully waterproof.  In a kitchen there are likely to be lots of spills and drips, and LVT will cope perfectly with those. It is also hardwearing and durable so can cope with the busy hustle and bustle of a kitchen. LVT is available in lots of different designs, usually either wood flooring or tiles/stone. 

Oak style LVT Flooring

2. Laminate Flooring (Waterproof)

Laminate flooring is another great choice for a kitchen.  Most are water resistant but for a kitchen we would recommend using a fully waterproof laminate. The styles are authentic and designed to mimic either wood or tiles. 

Pine style waterproof laminate flooring