What is a loose laid floor?

What is a loose laid floor?

This entry was posted on December 5, 2014 by Chris Elliott

A ‘loose laid’ floor is a term associated with a particular installation method of hardwood flooring. A loose laid floor, sometimes also know as a ‘floating floor’, is when the planks of flooring are attached to each other (like a jigsaw puzzle) and laid, or floated, over an underlay; the flooring is not glued, nailed or screwed to the existing subfloor.

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Loose laying a floor is quick and easy and is a popular fitting method associated with underfloor heating as it allows the floor to naturally expand and contract with the fluctuations in temperature. What-is-a-loose-laid-bamboo-floor-underfloor-heating


Only engineered hardwood flooring can be loose laid as the planks of flooring are dimensionally stable so are able to withstand the natural movement associated with this method of installation. The planks of engineered flooring must be either clicked or glued together over an underlay to provide a tight and secure fit. Planks of hardwood flooring with a tongue and groove fitting mechanism need to be glued together, whereas planks with a click fitting system can simply be clicked and locked together. Solid hardwood flooring cannot be loose laid and must be secured down to the existing subfloor.

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