The benefits of unfinished Oak

The benefits of unfinished Oak

The benefits of unfinished Oak

This entry was posted on February 20, 2023 by sam elliott

Unfinished Oak flooring is a great choice if you are looking to create a truly unique look. An unfinished hardwood floor is a plank or block of flooring that has raw wood on the surface.  In this case, the hardwood would be Oak.  This will give you the beautiful Oak shades and grain pattern, which you can enhance with colour stains and the protective finish of your choice.

As the surface of the unfinished Oak has been left raw, you will need to add protective layers of lacquer or oil before you use the floor.  This should be part of the installation process and can be done once the floor has been installed, but before you start to use the floor.  The protective layers will prevent damage from daily wear and tear, moisture and dirt.


Which colour stain can I use?

There are a whole range of colour tints and stains that you can use.  Some will enhance the natural colours and add character and charm, while others will add a completely new colour.  The choice is yours!  We would strongly recommend testing a few stains or tints before you commit to one.


What are the benefits of unfinished Oak?

The main advantages of choosing an unfinished floor are:

• By finishing your hardwood floor in your home, it makes it much easier to match it to your interior design and any other floors you may have.

• Although an unfinished floor can be slightly more time consuming to install (as you need to allow time to add the protective finish), it will provide you with an unique appearance.

• You will have a greater range of colour options available as you can use a combination of colour stains to achieve a distinctive and unique look.

• A greater range of finishes are also available to you. These include, matt, satin-matt or a high gloss finish.