Smoked Oak Flooring

Smoked Oak Flooring

Smoked Oak Flooring

This entry was posted on June 7, 2022 by sam elliott

Smoked Oak flooring can really add warmth and a richness to your home. Oak is a timeless floor covering with distinctive and classic features.  The natural colour of Oak is a golden light brown.  You are getting the beauty of Oak, but with a darker and richer brown colour.  As with any wooden floor, if you look after it, it can last a lifetime.


What exactly is it?

It is similar to an Oak floor, but the wood has been smoked to give it a deeper colour.  The end result is a darker brown than natural Oak.  This gives you a chance to have the beauty of a natural wooden floor, but with different tones and shades of brown. We have two types:

Smoked Oak - a medium brown colour

Dark Smoked Oak – a darker brown colour


What types of floors can I get in smoked Oak?

There are three different types of wooden floor that you can get:

1. Plank: this is the traditional style of wooden flooring, with long, random length planks which you install in a random pattern. 


2. Parquet Block: these are smaller blocks of flooring that you can create a series of geometric patterns with, such as, herringbone, basket weave and brick bond. 


3. Chevron: a small plank with the short edge angled at 45 degrees, so that when installed they create a recurring ‘V’ pattern. 


The choice is yours – it will, of course, depend upon which style of flooring you think will suit your home and your décor.

If you are still not sure which to choose, have a look at: 10 things to consider when buying a wooden floor.

You may also want to order some free samples to take a look at the different colours and shades, in the beauty of your own home.