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Hardwood Flooring in a Conservatory?

We are often asked about installing hardwood flooring in a conservatory.  It is perfectly fine to do so, but you must use engineered hardwood flooring.  You will find a wide range of colours, species of wood, grain patterns and surface finishes.  As a result, there is sure to be something to match your conservatory décor.


Which type of hardwood flooring is best for my conservatory?

You must use engineered hardwood flooring in a conservatory because it has been designed and manufactured to ensure that it is stable enough to cope with the regular changes in heat and humidity.  Furthermore, the engineered flooring planks are able to adapt to their surroundings without becoming damaged.

Your conservatory, or any room with large amounts of glazing, can constantly change in temperature depending upon the weather outside.  In the summer period, your conservatory will become extremely warm and humid.  Alternatively, in the winter period the air becomes dry and the temperature can drop considerably.

You may find the following especially relevant; some of our most popular types of engineered hardwood flooring that can be used in conservatories:

Cross section of a plank of engineered Oak flooring Cross section of a plank of engineered Oak flooring


How do I look after hardwood flooring in a conservatory?

Hardwood flooring is extremely easy to look after.  Simply adopt a regular cleaning routine.  It is actually the same as cleaning a hardwood floor in any other room in your home.  Firstly, sweep up any dust and dirt from the surface of the floor each day.  Next, use a wood floor cleaning solution and mop, when the floor becomes dirty. We would recommend doing this around once a week.

Finally, for more detailed advice have a look at our Hardwood Flooring Care and Maintenance Guide.

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