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Hardwood flooring for pets?

Many people ask us, ‘is hardwood flooring good for pets?’ The answer is yes, hardwood flooring is ideal for pets.  The word ‘pet’ is a very general term so, here we are talking about cats and dogs; animals that will be walking on your hardwood floor.  There are many different types of hardwood floors and some are more durable and hard wearing than others. If you have a dog or a cat, we would recommend choosing one of the stronger species of hardwood.


Why is hardwood flooring good for pets?

Hardwood flooring is great for pet owners for a number of reasons. Hardwood flooring is easy to clean.  This means that you can easily and quickly clean away any dirty paw marks or little accidents.  You will be able to easily see pet hair and sweep it away quickly.  There is nowhere for pet hair to hide, unlike carpets or rugs, where pet hair can be difficult to remove.

Which is the best type of hardwood flooring for pets?

We would recommend using one of the stronger species of hardwood.  They produce a more durable and hard-wearing floor.  All hardwood is scientifically tested for hardness and put on a scale.  Maple and Hickory are among the strongest readily available floors. Oak is relatively durable, however, Walnut is much softer and not recommended for pets.

Oak flooring is a great choice for pet owners.  It is strong enough to deal with pets, and available in a wide variety of sizes, styles, colours and finishes.

If you are looking for an extremely durable, natural floor, why not have a look at Strand Woven Bamboo.  It is over twice as hard as Oak making it ideal for pet owners.

wooden floor with golden labrador Oak Flooring


Tips for pet owners with hardwood flooring

  • Always keep pet claws clipped as short as possible. This will eliminate the risk of them scratching the surface of the floor.
  • If your floor does become scratched or marked, you have the option of sanding back the surface and re-finishing the hardwood floor.
  • Remember to keep a towel or cloth by your entrance door. This will allow you to clean any dirty or wet paws before they walk on your wooden floor.


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