Are grey floors still in fashion?

Are grey floors still in fashion?

Are grey floors still in fashion?

This entry was posted on February 19, 2020 by Chris Elliott

Yes, grey floors are still in fashion.  They are one of the most popular colour choices of flooring that we offer.  The increase in popularity of grey floors has brought about a much wider range of colours and types of flooring to choose from.  Any tone or shade of grey can instantly offer a clean and fresh appearance.

If you are looking for a grey floor, then you are sure to find something that you will love.  However, there are so many styles and shades to choose from that you may want to narrow down your search by thinking about the following:

• Whether you want a light, medium or dark shade of grey

• Which style of flooring you would like, plank style or parquet block

• Alternatively, would you prefer a stone tile effect floor?

• Where is your floor going – does it need to be hardwearing or even waterproof?


Below you will find information about our favourite grey flooring choices, which may help your decision.  

Grey wooden flooring

Wooden flooring is a great choice if you want an effortlessly beautiful grey floor.  A wooden floor can easily add character and charm and a natural feel to any room.  If you choose engineered wood flooring it can easily be installed by floating it over an underlay.  You can also use it with underfloor heating systems and in rooms that fluctuate in temperature. An Oak wooden floor (with a grey colour stain), is relatively hardwearing but you would need to take precautions to ensure it does not become damaged.  You could install a grey wooden floor in almost any room in your home with the exception of rooms with excess water. 


Grey bamboo 

Bamboo flooring is a great choice if you are looking for a hardwearing, durable and sustainable floor.  Strand woven bamboo is over twice as hard as Oak flooring.  It is the perfect choice for busy rooms such as hallways, living areas and bedrooms, and can even be used in commercial properties.  You will also be able to use it with underfloor heating and in conservatories and can even install it on your staircase.  For more information about bamboo flooring have a look at: What are the benefits of bamboo flooring? 


Grey Laminate 

Laminate flooring is available in a range of different shades of grey.  Laminate is a great choice if you are looking for a cost-effective floor.  It mimics the appearance of real wood flooring but is actually a high-quality photograph, finished with a transparent protective coating.   It is easy to install but is not as durable and long lasting as real wood or bamboo. 


Grey Luxury Vinyl Tile

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) is another great choice for grey flooring.  You will find LVT in either a stone tile effect or a wood plank option.  The flooring itself is synthetic and only imitates the appearance of wood or stone, although it is very convincing.  The main benefit of LVT is that it is waterproof, making it the perfect choice for wet areas such as bathrooms, utility rooms and kitchens.  To find out more about LVT flooring, read the following: Is LVT the right choice for me? 


We really hope you find the type and shade of grey flooring that you are looking for.  If you would like any further help, please don’t hesitate to contact us.