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What is the best way to clean my hardwood floor?

Hardwood flooring is quick and easy to maintain and should not require much upkeep. The best way to clean your hardwood floor is by following these straight forward steps:

What is the best way to clean my hardwood floor

    • Dust or sweep your floor on a daily (or regular) basis to remove dust, dirt and pet hair.


    • Avoid using a vacuum cleaner unless it has a fitting especially for wooden floors. Otherwise the wheels or vacuum attachments may scratch your floor.


    • Clean your hardwood floor on a weekly basis (or as needed) using a soft, microfiber mop and wooden floor cleaning spray. Mops with a removable microfiber pad are ideal as they can be washed and reused. A mop with a pivoting handle is also great as it makes it easy to glide around the room and reach into the corners.


    • Always clean the floor in the direction of the grain.


    • Use water sparingly as too much can make the wood swell and distort. If you do choose to mop your floor with water, ensure that the mop has been wrung out until it is only slightly damp.


    • Avoid using polish on your hardwood floor as it can leave a slippery and greasy residue that is hard to remove.


  • Never use a steam mop to clean a hardwood floor as the steam can cause the floor to warp.
How to clean my wooden floor - microfibre cloth Bona Wood Floor Spray Mop

Taking preventative measures can also be an ideal way to keep the dust and dirt away. Positioning mats outside and inside exterior doors can help to lessen the amount of dirt brought onto your floor. It is also a good idea to remove shoes and footwear before walking on your hardwood floor, especially if they are wet or dirty.

Top Ten Cleaning Tips for Hardwood Floors - door mats

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