What is T&G Flooring?

What is T&G Flooring?

This entry was posted on January 29, 2022 by sam elliott

T&G flooring is a wooden floor that has a tongue and groove fitting profile.  Each plank of wood has a tongue that fits into the groove of the adjacent plank.  It provides and tight and secure fit and has been around for decades. Once fitted, the T&G floor looks no different from any other.  The tongues and grooves cannot be seen as they are hidden away between the planks.


What does T&G flooring look like?

T&G flooring looks like any other wooden floor. It is either a plank or parquet block of flooring, which has a tongue on one long and short side and a groove on the other long and short side.  The tongue is a protruding edge sticking out from the plank, and the groove is an indented part of the plank.  How the actual flooring looks depends on which species of wood and plank style you choose.  There are hundreds of different options to choose from, including:

• Parquet block

• Plank style flooring

• Distressed surface finish

• Different species of wood

• Stained wooden flooring

• Unfinished or pre-finished planks


How do I install it?

T&G flooring is usually solid wood, rather than engineered wood flooring.  You can install it in a number of different ways depending on which type of flooring you have.

• For solid hardwood then you will need to fix the planks into position by either gluing, nailing or screwing directly to the subfloor.

• With engineered hardwood you have the option of floating it over an underlay by gluing along the length and width of the plank and pushing them together, or you can fix it into position.

• If you have parquet block flooring, you will need to glue the blocks down to the subfloor.

For more detailed information on fitting your wooden floor, please contact one of our technically trained staff, or have a look at our Installation Fitting Guide.