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What is a hardwood door stop?

First of all, a hardwood door stop is, exactly as it sounds; a door stop made from hardwood.  Our door stops are made from solid Oak.  They are designed to match your Oak wooden floor.  It will do the same job as any other door stop.  Furthermore, they help to prevent an internal door from slamming and damaging your walls.  You will find them simple to use and easy to fit.  They are an invaluable accessory, especially if you have recently decorated.  They will help to keep the wall behind your door from becoming dented, scuffed or damaged.

Have a look at our Oak Hardwood Door Stops.

Oak hardwood door stop

When would I use a hardwood door stop?

You would use a hardwood door stop for the following reasons:

  • Firstly, if you have an internal door that could bang onto a wall when opened. You would place the door stop behind the door.  It would stop the door from banging onto you wall and possibly marking or denting it.
  • If you had an Oak wooden floor and wanted a matching door stop.
  • Or perhaps you had a different species of wooden floor and wanted a contrasting coloured door stop.


Finally, if you do have a hardwood floor, you may also be interested in our hardwood pipe covers.  These will cover the gaps you may have around radiator pipes.

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