What are felt protector pads?

What are felt protector pads?

This entry was posted on July 2, 2019 by Chris Elliott

If you want to keep your wooden floor looking fresh and new, then felt protector pads are a fantastic product.  They can help to prevent unwanted scratches and dents caused by furniture and other heavy objects.


What are felt protector pads?

First of all, Felt protector pads are small anti-scratch pads with a soft felt surface.  They are designed to be used on the bottom of furniture.  Most of all, when applied correctly they create a cushion between the furniture and your wooden floor.  There are a range of different felt protector pads to choose from.  Some have a self-adhesive back for easy application, whereas others can be screwed in for a more secure fit. 

Why should I use them?

We believe that felt protector pads are an essential part of caring for your hardwood floor.  Since they have been designed to prevent unwanted dents and scratches you should apply them to the bottom of furniture or heavy items, especially anything that is regularly moved, like chair legs.  The pad itself acts as a soft (anti-scratch) cushion so when the furniture is moved, it will not scratch or mark your floor. For a more secure fit we would recommend the screw-in pads, which are much better for items that are moved regularly as they stay in place firmly. In addition, we also have a multipack of self-adhesive pads, which are great if you have a lot of furniture that is only moved every now and again (e.g. to clean underneath).

To protect your floor, use felt protector pads on the following items:

• Chair legs

• Table legs

• Coffee tables

• Desks

• Television cabinets

• Bed legs

• Heavy toys

For more advice and information about looking after your floor, have a look at the following: How to prevent scratches on hardwood floors.

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