The most popular wooden floors

The most popular wooden floors

The most popular wooden floors

This entry was posted on June 1, 2023 by sam elliott

Having a wooden floor in your home is a really popular choice.  The natural beauty of the wood can transform any room by giving it a feel of luxury and sophistication. Wooden floors never go out of fashion as they tend to complement most colour schemes and furnishings.  New styles and colours of wooden floors are constantly becoming popular and throughout the years, the trends change. 

Here are the most popular wooden floors of 2023:


Engineered Brushed and Oiled Natural Oak 

The natural colour and grain pattern of this Oak flooring is timeless and elegant.  The engineered planks give you more flexibility on how and where you can use the floor, including with underfloor heating and fitted over an underlay.  The surface of the floor has been lightly brushed to highlight the natural beauty of the Oak.




Dark Smoked Oak Flooring 

The surface of the planks of flooring have been smoked to create a much darker brown than usually found with Oak. The richness of the smoked flooring allows you to have a room with added warmth and character.




Brushed and Oiled Oak Parquet Block Flooring 

These larger planks of parquet block flooring can give you a completely different look from standard parquet.  The herringbone pattern created is much more prominent and can look fabulous in both large and smaller areas.


Solid Antique Oak Flooring 

The planks are made from solid oak, which has been stained to give it a darker, brown colour.  To provide an authentic antique look, the surface has been hand scraped which adds extra definition and emphasizes the natural beauty of the wood.


Chevron Oak Flooring 

A chevron style of flooring can look amazing in your home.  The small planks of flooring are fitted into a chevron, which creates a stunning ‘V’ shape.  This particular type of chevron flooring has been smoked, to give a slightly warmer colour than natural Oak.