The benefits of parquet block

Oak parquet block

The benefits of parquet block

This entry was posted on October 6, 2022 by sam elliott

Parquet block flooring is a great addition to any home.  It has many benefits, and you will love the different patterns and styles that you can create.  Parquet block flooring is sure to add sophistication and character to any home.

If you’re not sure what parquet block flooring is, it is small blocks of flooring that can be laid in different geometric patterns.  It offers a characteristic alternative to traditional plank style flooring.


Let’s talk about the benefits of parquet block

Here are some of the benefits and reasons why we think you should choose parquet block flooring:

• With hardwood parquet you are getting a natural, elegant, and timeless flooring that will last a lifetime if you look after it properly. It is definitely an investment for your home.

• You can create different geometric patterns with the blocks. The most popular are herringbone, brick bond and basket weave.  You just need to decide which one suits your home.  You can also use the block to create beautiful borders around the edge of your room.

• If you choose engineered parquet block flooring, you can pair it with an underfloor heating system to give you that warmth underfoot.

• You have many different options of colour, style and species of wood. Some of our favourites are:

Natural Oak

Dark Smoked Oak

Bamboo Parquet (you have 4 different colours to choose from)


What does it look like once its installed?

Here are some examples of the different patterns that you can create (herringbone, basket weave and brick bond):


Now, to give you an idea of what parquet block flooring will look like in your home.