Reasons to choose wooden flooring

Reasons to choose wooden flooring

Reasons to choose wooden flooring

This entry was posted on November 23, 2023 by sam elliott

Wooden flooring has been around for centuries and is still a very popular choice in new homes and renovation projects.  Choosing a wooden floor will add a natural beauty and warmth to any area, making it the perfect choice for your property.  Before you decide whether wooden flooring is the right choice for you have a look at some of the benefits.


Why should I choose wooden flooring?


Hardwood flooring is natural

Hardwood flooring has a natural beauty and can add warmth, character and charm to any property or living space.  You can find a wide range of styles, colours and finishes, so it is easy to find a product that suits your personal tastes and complements your home.


Durability and longevity

A wooden floor can be durable and quite often resist more wear and tear than carpets.  If you install and look after it properly your floor can last for decades.  Some hardwood flooring species are harder than others, so if you are thinking about fitting it in a busy area like a hallway, it is worth checking how durable it is first.  It is inevitable that your wooden floor will sustain small scratches and some slight surface damage, so if after a few years you feel that it is starting to look a bit dull, then you can sand and refinish the surface to bring it back to life.


Wide range of choice

You have the option of different types of wood species, plank styles, colours and finishes.  There is sure to be something to suit and match your home. Once you have chose your species, then you will want to think about whether you prefer plank style of parquet block flooring. Hardwood flooring mouldings and accessories (including, beading, pipe covers and thresholds) are also available to add the finishing touches to your room.

Easy to look after

Once you have installed your wooden floor, you will find it easy to look after and maintain.  All you need to do is sweep regularly with a soft bristle brush and then clean with a PH neutral wooden floor cleaner and microfiber mop. For tips and advice about cleaning your wooden floor, have a look at our Care Guide. To prevent unwanted damage, scratches and dents it is best to do the following:

• Remove shoes or footwear before walking on the floor.

• Place felt protector pads on the bottom of furniture.

• Wipe up spills immediately.

• Don’t drag heavy or sharp objects across your floor.