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Protecting my Wooden Floor from Building Work

Ideally, a wooden floor should be the last part of the room to be added, after all the other renovation and decorating has been done.  This will help to avoid your wooden floor becoming damaged by the building work.  However, if you are re-decorating and want to keep your wooden floor, you will need to protect it.

Wooden flooring can last a lifetime if cared for and looked after properly. If you are having any decorating or renovation work done, you should always think about protecting your wooden floor. Hardwood flooring is designed to be fairly durable, but it can become damaged easily if it is not looked after correctly.

You will obviously want to ensure your floor does not get covered in mud, oil, paint, or any other building materials.  Things like this can easily stain or discolour your wooden floor if they are left to soak in.  We would strongly recommend that you think about covering your floor before any work starts, otherwise it can become scratched or dented during the renovation.


What types of things could damage my floor?

  • Spill or splashes of paint
  • Dirt or grit brought in on dirty shoes
  • Rubble from knocking down walls
  • Dragging building equipment or tools across your floor
  • Splashes of plaster
  • Dropping tools or equipment on your floor

What can I do to protect my wooden floor from building work?

It is quite difficult to fully protect your wooden floor, especially if you are having renovation works involving a lot of dust and debris. Follow these steps can help to eliminate the change of unwanted damage:

  1. Sweep and clean your floor thoroughly
  2. Cover your wooden floor with some breathable floor protection
  3. Make tradesmen aware that you want to keep your wooden floor and ask them to be careful around it
  4. Ask tradesmen to clean up each day before they leave – even vacuuming dust away each day can help
  5. If there is a spill – clean it up straight away
  6. Once all of the building work and decorating has finished, remove the floor covering and sweep and clean your wooden floor again.



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