How to oil a wooden floor

How to oil a wooden floor

How to oil a wooden floor

This entry was posted on January 4, 2024 by sam elliott

Over time a wooden floor may lose its lustre or sheen and need refreshing and reviving with an application of oil.  Alternatively, an unfinished floor will need protecting with oil or varnish to eliminate the chance of damage to the surface of the floor.  Different shades of oil are available, including: clear, natural Oak, white, grey, etc.  Oiling your floor can be a great opportunity to achieve a new, unique look, or simply revive the original appearance of your hardwood floor.

Follow these simple steps to oil your wooden floor:


Preparing your floor

1. If your hardwood floor has been previously oiled or is an unfinished floor, it can be treated directly with oil. However, if your floor has been previously treated with varnish, it will need sanding down to the bare wood before oil is applied.

2. Sweep away any dirt or dust, and clean the floor with a wood floor cleaning spray and microfibre cloth.

3. Ensure the room is well ventilated.


Oiling your floor

4. Stir the can of oil thoroughly.

5. Using a microfibre roller or stiff brush, apply the oil thinly and evenly along the wood grain. Do this in small sections until the whole floor is complete.

6. Leave to dry for the recommended amount of time.

7. Apply a second coat of oil if necessary, following steps 4 to 6.

When oiling a wooden floor always use products that are specifically designed for hardwood floors.  Always read and follow the instructions carefully.


Maintaining your newly oiled floor

Keeping your newly oiled floor looking fresh and revitalised is easy.  Sweep your floor daily to remove dirt and dust, then clean with a microfibre cloth and wood floor cleaning spray on a weekly basis.  To prevent scratches and damage to your floor always remove shoes and footwear before walking on the floor, apply anti-scratch felt pads to the bottom of furniture, and wipe up any water spills straightaway.


We would always recommend using a professional and experienced wooden flooring expert to carry out any task, such as oiling your wooden floor.