How to make your wooden floor last a lifetime

How to make your wooden floor last a lifetime

How to make your wooden floor last a lifetime

This entry was posted on May 23, 2023 by chris elliott

Wooden floors are timeless and can be a central part of your home décor.  You will notice that with their neutral tones and natural beauty, you can easily redecorate your room, whilst keeping your wooden floor. With this said, you will want to keep your floor looking fresh and new and do anything you can to prolong its life.

Generally speaking, a hardwood floor can last a lifetime if you care and maintain it properly.


How do I care for my wooden floor?

The best way that you can care for your wooden floor is by sticking to a regular cleaning routine. This can really help to prolong the life of your floor. We would recommend sweeping away dust and dirt every day. This will help to prevent a build-up and keep your floor looking and feeling fresh.

Next, you should clean the surface of your floor.  We would recommend using a Bona Spray Mop.  It is easy to use, has a gentle pH neutral cleaning solution, and a removable microfibre cleaning pad.

Finally, there are some key things that you can do to prevent damage to your floor.  Always remove footwear before walking on it, don’t drag or drop items across it and wipe away spills immediately.



How do I maintain my wooden floor?

The surface finish of your floor will naturally start to wear down over time.  This can result in the surface of your planks of flooring looking dull, and they can start to easily mark or scratch. 

If you have an oiled floor that starts to look dull, you can use a buffing machine to give it a deep clean, and then re-coat the surface with a wooden flooring oil. This can be done every few years to refresh and revive the look of the wood.

Over the years, if your floor starts becoming dented or scratched, this is when you may want to think about sanding the surface and then re-finishing it with oil. With any maintenance work, we would advise using a professional flooring expert.


Top tips to ensure it lasts a lifetime:

• Choose a high quality wooden floor

• Use a professional and experience fitter

• Keep on top of your cleaning routine

• Take preventative measure to avoid dents and scratches

• You should re finish your wooden floor when needed to prevent further damage


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