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How do I protect my decking?

Wooden decking is a great addition to any garden or outdoor space.  Looking after your decking is essential if you want to maintain the beauty of the wood. Depending on the climate and how much sun your decking receives, you may want to protect it annually.

Which product is best for protecting my decking?

We would recommend using Osmo Decking Oil.  It gives a slight satin finish that is water and dirt resistant.  The wood is able to breathe, while being fully protected.  Here are some of the advantages of using Osmo Decking Oil:

  • A range of colours to choose from to match your existing decking
  • It is safe for animals and plants once it is fully dried
  • Water and dirt resistant
  • It reduces the chance of the wooden decking swelling or shrinking
  • The surface will not crack, flake or peel
  • There is no need to sand your decking for future applications
Osmo Decking Oil - range of colours to choose from


How do I protect my decking?

Firstly, you need to prepare the decking surface.  Remove any furniture, toys, plant pots, etc from the decking.  The decking should be clean and dry before you start oiling the surface.  Stir the tin of oil well before use.  Osmo Decking Oil is ready to use straight from the tin so there is no need to mix or add anything to it.  Start to apply the first coat with a brush.  You may want to use our Osmo Decking Brush Set.  Once the first coat has been applied evenly, allow it to dry.  This will take approximately 12 hours (depending on outside temperature and conditions).  Once dry, you can apply a second coat.  Make sure the second coat is fully dry before replacing garden furniture or plant pots to your decking.

If you wanted a slip resistant finish to your decking, you could use Osmo Anti-Slip Decking Oil for the second coat.

Osmo Decking Brush Set

Always read the manufacturer’s instructions and product information fully before use.


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