Fun facts about hardwood flooring

Fun facts about hardwood flooring

This entry was posted on April 27, 2023 by chris elliott

We all know that a wooden flooring can add character, charm and sophistication to your home, but we thought you might like to know some unusual fun facts about hardwood flooring:


No two floors are exactly alike

Planks of wooden flooring are made from real trees.  Even engineered flooring has a surface layer of real wood.  This means that the colour, grain patterns and textures will very from plank to plank.  Even if the planks come from the same tree!


Wood floors can be hygienic

People suffering from allergies or asthma may be better in a home with a wooden floor.  It is easy to clean, and easy to see when there is a build-up of dust or dirt.  Carpets can collect a lot of pollen, dust and pet hair that can be invisible and extremely hard to remove, even with a strong vacuum cleaner.


Hardwood flooring can last a lifetime

If you care for your wooden floor, it can last a lifetime.  There will inevitably be dents, scratches and marks on the surface, which can add to the character.  If, after a number of years, your floor starts to look dull, you can sand and re-finish the surface.  This will give you a revived and fresh new looking floor!


The colour of the wood will change over time

Exposure to sunlight will slowly change the tone of your wooden.  This will happen really gradually so you may not even notice it. Depending on the species of wood that you have, your floor may subtly turn slightly yellower or darker over the years.


You need to acclimatise your flooring before installing it

As wood is a natural (once living product), it can either absorb or repel moisture from the air, depending upon its surroundings.  This causes the planks of flooring to either expand or shrink very slightly.  By allowing your floor to acclimate to its surroundings before installation, you are helping to prevent any future problems. Read more about acclimatisation here.


A wooden floor can make a small room appear larger!

With clever planning and choosing the correct size and style of planks, you can make a room appear larger that in actually is. Choosing a bright and light coloured floor can also help to make a small room appear more spacious.


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