Can I steam mop my LVT floor?

Can I steam mop my LVT floor?

Can I steam mop my LVT floor?

This entry was posted on March 20, 2020 by Chris Elliott

No, you should not steam mop your LVT floor.  LVT or Luxury Vinyl Tile flooring is designed to resist the test of time, however you must look after it and follow some simple cleaning and maintenance advice.

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Why should I not steam mop my LVT floor?

LVT floors are extremely resilient and even waterproof.  They have a stain guard technology on the surface which helps to avoid dirt and stains building up. You can use almost any floor cleaner on your LVT floor, except for a steam mop.  The steam that comes out of a steam mop can be detrimental to your luxury vinyl floor.  The heat, steam and moisture can penetrate into the LVT flooring tiles and cause damage.  Remember that LVT flooring is synthetic so the surface coating or any of the underneath layers can become affected with heat and steam. 


How do I clean it?

You should clean your LVT floor on a daily basis by removing any loose dirt and debris from the surface. This should be done using a vacuum cleaner or sweeping brush.  Follow this by cleaning your floor with a floor cleaner.  We would recommend using Bona Tile and Laminate Spray Mop. It has been designed to be gentle on your floor, but effective in removing dirt from the surface.  By regularly cleaning your floor you are prolonging its life span. For more information about how to keep your LVT floor clean, or how to repair damage to it, have a look at the following: How to clean your vinyl flooring.